Quality statement 4: Employee involvement in decision-making

Quality statement

Employees have the opportunity to contribute to decision-making through staff engagement forums.


Empowering employees to be involved in organisational decisions and practices that have a direct impact on them shows that the organisation they work for values their opinions. It can also lead to improved working practices and, in turn, improved job satisfaction, resulting in a more content and healthy workforce as well as higher levels of commitment and productivity.

Quality measures


a) Evidence of arrangements for staff engagement forums that enable employees to contribute to decision-making.

Data source: Local data collection, for example, dates of staff engagement forums, communications with staff encouraging attendance, staff engagement forum agendas and minutes (including contributions made by staff).

b) Evidence of arrangements for feedback to employees on actions taken as a result of their contribution.

Data source: Local data collection, for example, staff engagement forum and team meeting minutes, organisational newsletters, posters or emails.


a) Employee satisfaction rates.

Data source: Local data collection, for example, staff survey results such as the NHS staff survey. National data from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's employee outlook survey.

b) Employee engagement.

Data source: Local data collection, for example, numbers attending staff engagement forums and staff survey results such as the NHS staff survey.

c) Employee retention rates.

Data source: Local data collection. National data from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's resourcing and talent planning survey.

What the quality statement means for different audiences

Organisations (senior management teams including the chief executive and departmental managers) ensure that employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and actively seek them through staff engagement forums. Staff engagement forums are included in organisational plans and published reports, such as the annual report. Organisations give regular feedback on ways that employee opinions have been considered, for example, at staff meetings or through newsletters, posters or emails.

Line managers ensure that they give employees the support and encouragement they need to contribute to decision-making, for example, by giving them time and support to attend staff engagement forums.

Employees have the opportunity to voice their opinions, and their organisation takes these into account when making business decisions that affect them. Employees receive regular feedback on how their opinions have influenced the organisation's decisions.

Source guidance

Workplace health: management practices (2015 updated 2016) NICE guideline NG13, recommendation 1.5.2

Definitions of terms used in this quality statement

Staff engagement forums

Staff engagement forums are used to get employee views on organisational decisions and on how working practices can be improved. This can improve business productivity because employees often have the most experience and information about the effectiveness of company policies and systems. In addition, it can improve employee satisfaction because if their ideas are taken on board it is clear their opinion is valued.

Some organisations may feel other methods are more effective such as: small team meetings, working groups, the appointment of wellbeing champions, use of digital media, suggestion schemes or attitude surveys.

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Equality and diversity considerations

Some employees may find it difficult to contribute to staff engagement forums because, for example, they have a physical disability or find it difficult to read or write. Others may worry that they will be discriminated against if they give their opinion. Organisations must ensure all employees are given the support they need to contribute. They must also ensure that no discrimination occurs and that employees are supported to share their comments, in confidence, if necessary.