This quality standard covers promoting health and preventing premature mortality among black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups. It is relevant to all age groups and all settings.

NICE quality statements included in this quality standard repeat other, condition-specific NICE quality standards that are applicable to wider populations. It draws attention to some of the specific areas of inequality for people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups, such as increased health risks, poor access to and experience of services, and worse health outcomes. It aims to support public authorities in considering their equality duty when designing, planning and delivering services.

Any actions taken to achieve the statements should be tailored to the ethnic profile of the local population, and particular consideration should be given to disadvantaged or excluded groups and ethnic groups with poor outcomes.

Keeping quality standards up to date

This quality standard is reviewed each year and updated if needed.

Next review: August 2019

Quality standard development process

How we develop NICE quality standards