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Update information

Update information

Minor changes since publication

September 2022: Changes have been made to align this quality standard with the NICE guideline on obesity: identification, assessment and management. Links and source guidance references have been updated throughout.

February 2022: The definition of physical health assessment in statement 6 was amended to be clear that either fasting blood glucose or glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) can be used to assess for diabetes, in line with NICE's 2021 exceptional surveillance of testing for diabetes.

November 2020: The source guidance reference for statement 1 was updated to include NICE's guideline on behaviour change: digital and mobile health interventions. For statement 4, the source guidance reference was updated to align this quality standard with the new NICE guideline on acute coronary syndromes.

September 2018: The source guidance for statement 4 was changed to align this quality standard with the updated NICE guideline on chronic heart failure in adults.