NICE quality standards describe high-priority areas for quality improvement in a defined care or service area. Each standard consists of a prioritised set of specific, concise and measurable statements. They draw on existing guidance, which provides an underpinning, comprehensive set of recommendations, and are designed to support the measurement of improvement.

This quality standard is relevant to anyone involved in protecting health and promoting healthy behaviour among children, young people and adults. This includes people working in the NHS, local authorities, education and the wider public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

This quality standard covers reducing tobacco use, including interventions to discourage people from taking up smoking, tobacco control strategies and smokefree policies. This quality standard does not cover referral to and delivery of stop smoking services, which are already covered by NICE’s quality standard on smoking cessation: supporting people to stop smoking. This quality standard does not cover harm reduction approaches to smoking, which is being developed as a separate topic. For more information see the topic overview.

This quality standard was previously called smoking: reducing tobacco use.