Appendix B. Sources of Evidence

1. The following documentation and opinion was made available to the Committee:

a. Assessment Report:

  • prepared by Wessex Institute for Health Research and Development, University of Southampton (The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of temozolomide for the treatment of recurrent malignant glioma, November 2000).

b. Manufacturer/sponsor submissions:

  • Schering Plough UK Ltd

c. Professional/specialist group, patient/carer group and trade association submissions:

  • Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Radiologists (joint)

  • MRC Clinical Trials Unit

  • Royal College of General Practitioners

  • Royal College of Surgeons of England

  • Association of British Neurologists and the Royal College of Physicians (joint)

d. External expert and patient advocate submissions:

  • Dr Paul Symonds, Reader and Consultant in Clinical Oncology, University of Leicester

  • Douglas Guerrero, Clinical Nurse Specialist/Neuro‑Oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital

  • Dr Mike Brada, Reader and Consultant in Clinical Oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital