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What do we do ?

NICE International contributes to better health around the world through the more effective and equitable use of resources.

It does this by providing advice on the use of evidence and social values in making clinical and policy decisions.

NICE International applies rigorous analytic methodology to:

  • Put patients and the public first
  • Respond to the needs and priorities of decision makers at all levels
  • Emphasise an understanding of the social and cultural context
  • Encourage transparent and inclusive decision making processes

NICE International also aims to undertake activities that have benefits outside of individual countries. These might include generation of knowledge products (such as case studies), preparation of tools for data collection and analysis, and facilitation of knowledge transfer among decision-makers across countries (such as through international meetings).

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What is NICE International?

In 2008, the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) established NICE International. The service is designed to offer advice to governments and governmental agencies overseas on building capacity for assessing and interpreting evidence to inform health policy and on designing and using methods and processes to apply this capacity to their local country setting.

NICE International works with individual governments or funding agencies to support local teams develop local solutions. It offers:

  • strategic advice on evidence-based policy-making
  • technical support on critical appraisal and health technology assessment to inform decisions
  • input on strengthening existing or designing new decision-making frameworks, with a focus on transparency, stakeholder involvement, public engagement and consultation
  • support with evaluating the effectiveness of health system innovation.

The service we offer draws on our rich experience of delivering practical support to the UK's National Health Service (NHS). We are experts in sourcing and converting evidence into health policy and helping change practice and improve outcomes for patients and the overall population.

How does the NICE International model work?

In addition to core NICE staff, NICE International uses UK and international external partners from the academic and non-profit world, with experience in developing NICE products and in providing global development advice. Our partners include academic institutions with a track record in using evidence to inform health policy such as NICE's National Collaborating Centres, the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham in the UK; and the Center for Medical Technology Policy in the USA.

Who funds NICE International?

NICE International operates on a strict non-profit fee-for-service basis and follows Her Majesty's Treasury regulations on commercial activities by public sector organisations. Costs for all international activity have to be fully recovered.

Funding for country-specific projects may be obtained directly from the client country or from donor agencies such as the World Bank and the UK's Department for International Development.

Annual reviews

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