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Title Reference number Published Last updated
The PLASMA system for transurethral resection and haemostasis of the prostate Reference number:MTG53 MTG00053 Published:06 January 2021 20210106 Last updated:06 January 2021 20210106
Zio XT for detecting cardiac arrhythmias Reference number:MTG52 MTG00052 Published:01 December 2020 20201201 Last updated:01 December 2020 20201201
SEM Scanner 200 for preventing pressure ulcers Reference number:MTG51 MTG00051 Published:14 October 2020 20201014 Last updated:14 October 2020 20201014
Axonics sacral neuromodulation system for treating refractory overactive bladder Reference number:MTG50 MTG00050 Published:03 September 2020 20200903 Last updated:03 September 2020 20200903
Rezum for treating lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia Reference number:MTG49 MTG00049 Published:24 June 2020 20200624 Last updated:24 June 2020 20200624
PneuX to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia Reference number:MTG48 MTG00048 Published:08 April 2020 20200408 Last updated:08 April 2020 20200408
Episcissors-60 for mediolateral episiotomy Reference number:MTG47 MTG00047 Published:11 February 2020 20200211 Last updated:11 February 2020 20200211
Virtual Touch Quantification to diagnose and monitor liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B and C Reference number:MTG27 MTG00027 Published:23 September 2015 20150923 Last updated:17 January 2020 20200117
gammaCore for cluster headache Reference number:MTG46 MTG00046 Published:03 December 2019 20191203 Last updated:03 December 2019 20191203
EXOGEN ultrasound bone healing system for long bone fractures with non-union or delayed healing Reference number:MTG12 MTG00012 Published:09 January 2013 20130109 Last updated:08 October 2019 20191008