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Title Reference number Published Last updated
EXOGEN ultrasound bone healing system for long bone fractures with non-union or delayed healing Reference number:MTG12 MTG00012 Published:January 2013 20130101 Last updated:October 2019 20191008
The 3M Tegaderm CHG IV securement dressing for central venous and arterial catheter insertion sites Reference number:MTG25 MTG00025 Published:July 2015 20150701 Last updated:September 2019 20190918
PICO negative pressure wound dressings for closed surgical incisions Reference number:MTG43 MTG00043 Published:May 2019 20190501 Last updated:August 2019 20190806
Ambu aScope4 Broncho for use in unexpected difficult airways Reference number:MTG14 MTG00014 Published:July 2013 20130701 Last updated:June 2019 20190617
Endocuff Vision for assisting visualisation during colonoscopy Reference number:MTG45 MTG00045 Published:June 2019 20190601 Last updated:June 2019 20190607
The Sherlock 3CG Tip Confirmation System for placement of peripherally inserted central catheters Reference number:MTG24 MTG00024 Published:March 2015 20150301 Last updated:May 2019 20190530
Curos for preventing infections when using needleless connectors Reference number:MTG44 MTG00044 Published:May 2019 20190501 Last updated:May 2019 20190509
The Debrisoft monofilament debridement pad for use in acute or chronic wounds Reference number:MTG17 MTG00017 Published:March 2014 20140301 Last updated:March 2019 20190325
UrgoStart for treating diabetic foot ulcers and leg ulcers Reference number:MTG42 MTG00042 Published:January 2019 20190101 Last updated:January 2019 20190131
Senza spinal cord stimulation system for delivering HF10 therapy to treat chronic neuropathic pain Reference number:MTG41 MTG00041 Published:January 2019 20190101 Last updated:January 2019 20190123