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Title Reference number Published Last updated
DyeVert Systems for reducing the risk of acute kidney injury in coronary and peripheral angiography Reference number:MTG60 MTG00060 Published:04 October 2021 20211004 Last updated:04 October 2021 20211004
ENDURALIFE powered CRT-D devices for treating heart failure Reference number:MTG33 MTG00033 Published:17 March 2017 20170317 Last updated:21 July 2021 20210721
Plus Sutures for preventing surgical site infection Reference number:MTG59 MTG00059 Published:28 June 2021 20210628 Last updated:28 June 2021 20210628
HeartFlow FFRCT for estimating fractional flow reserve from coronary CT angiography Reference number:MTG32 MTG00032 Published:13 February 2017 20170213 Last updated:19 May 2021 20210519
Parafricta Bootees and Undergarments to reduce skin breakdown in people with or at risk of pressure ulcers Reference number:MTG20 MTG00020 Published:12 November 2014 20141112 Last updated:19 May 2021 20210519
UroLift for treating lower urinary tract symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia Reference number:MTG58 MTG00058 Published:04 May 2021 20210504 Last updated:04 May 2021 20210504
Danis stent for acute oesophageal variceal bleeding Reference number:MTG57 MTG00057 Published:31 March 2021 20210331 Last updated:31 March 2021 20210331
Alpha-Stim AID for anxiety disorders Reference number:MTG56 MTG00056 Published:08 March 2021 20210308 Last updated:08 March 2021 20210308
Leukomed Sorbact for preventing surgical site infection Reference number:MTG55 MTG00055 Published:03 February 2021 20210203 Last updated:03 February 2021 20210203
The VAC Veraflo Therapy system for acute infected or chronic wounds that are failing to heal Reference number:MTG54 MTG00054 Published:27 January 2021 20210127 Last updated:27 January 2021 20210127