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Title Reference number Published Last updated
Molecular testing strategies for Lynch syndrome in people with colorectal cancer Reference number:DG27 DG00027 Published:February 2017 20170201 Last updated:February 2017 20170222
Integrated multiplex PCR tests for identifying gastrointestinal pathogens in people with suspected gastroenteritis (xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel, FilmArray GI Panel and Faecal Pathogens B assay) Reference number:DG26 DG00026 Published:January 2017 20170101 Last updated:January 2017 20170111
High-throughput non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal RHD genotype Reference number:DG25 DG00025 Published:November 2016 20161101 Last updated:November 2016 20161109
ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing Reference number:DG24 DG00024 Published:May 2016 20160501 Last updated:May 2016 20160518
PlGF-based testing to help diagnose suspected pre-eclampsia (Triage PlGF test, Elecsys immunoassay sFlt-1/PlGF ratio, DELFIA Xpress PlGF 1-2-3 test, and BRAHMS sFlt-1 Kryptor/BRAHMS PlGF plus Kryptor PE ratio) Reference number:DG23 DG00023 Published:May 2016 20160501 Last updated:May 2016 20160511
Therapeutic monitoring of TNF-alpha inhibitors in Crohn’s disease (LISA-TRACKER ELISA kits, IDKmonitor ELISA kits, and Promonitor ELISA kits) Reference number:DG22 DG00022 Published:February 2016 20160201 Last updated:February 2016 20160217
Integrated sensor-augmented pump therapy systems for managing blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetes (the MiniMed Paradigm Veo system and the Vibe and G4 PLATINUM CGM system) Reference number:DG21 DG00021 Published:February 2016 20160201 Last updated:February 2016 20160212
Tests for rapidly identifying bloodstream bacteria and fungi (LightCycler SeptiFast Test MGRADE, SepsiTest and IRIDICA BAC BSI assay) Reference number:DG20 DG00020 Published:February 2016 20160201 Last updated:February 2016 20160210
VivaScope 1500 and 3000 imaging systems for detecting skin cancer lesions Reference number:DG19 DG00019 Published:November 2015 20151101 Last updated:November 2015 20151111
Procalcitonin testing for diagnosing and monitoring sepsis (ADVIA Centaur BRAHMS PCT assay, BRAHMS PCT Sensitive Kryptor assay, Elecsys BRAHMS PCT assay, LIAISON BRAHMS PCT assay and VIDAS BRAHMS PCT assay) Reference number:DG18 DG00018 Published:October 2015 20151001 Last updated:October 2015 20151007