Information for the public

Before starting IVF

Before you start IVF, you should both be offered tests for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. This is to reduce the risk of passing these infections on to any resulting children or to other people. If you test positive for any of them, you should be offered appropriate treatment and counselling.

Information about long‑term risks of IVF

More research is needed on the long‑term safety of IVF. The long‑term health risks to children born as a result of IVF treatment are low, but in women who have had IVF there may be a small increased risk of developing borderline ovarian tumours in the future. Before you start IVF, your doctor should give you up‑to‑date information about the long‑term risks. They should also limit the drugs used for ovarian stimulation in IVF treatment to the lowest effective dose and length of use.

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