Information for the public

Questions to ask

These questions may help you discuss your condition or the treatments you have been offered with your healthcare team.

Fertility problems

  • Can you explain more about how my age affects my fertility?

  • Are there any useful national or local support organisations I could contact about fertility problems?

  • Can you provide some written information for me about fertility problems and their treatment?

  • What fertility treatment might I be able to have on the NHS?

  • How do I face the uncertain future and make a plan for the outcome of my fertility treatment – whether that's by having a child or accepting that I will not?

Fertility tests

  • When and where can these fertility tests be carried out, and how long does it take to get the results?

  • Can we still conceive naturally despite a low sperm count?

  • Can you explain more about the different tests for examining the fallopian tubes and which one I will need?

  • What happens next if no problems are found in our fertility tests?



  • Can you tell me why you have decided to offer me this particular type of treatment?

  • What are the pros and cons of this treatment?

  • What will it involve?

  • Are there any risks associated with this treatment?

  • What are my options for taking treatments other than the one you have offered me?

  • Is there some other information (like a leaflet, DVD or a website I can go to) about the treatment that I can have?

Treating the causes of fertility problems

  • I am unable to ejaculate: can you explain the treatment options available to help me?

  • I have an ovulation disorder: can you explain which type of ovulation induction treatment would be most suitable for me?

  • What are my chances of having a multiple pregnancy with this treatment?

  • Can you explain more about laparoscopic ovarian drilling and whether this may help me?

  • If I have endometriosis, can I still conceive naturally? What are the treatment options to help me?

  • Is there any treatment we can try for unexplained infertility?

Intrauterine insemination

  • If the man's sperm count is low would IUI help us to conceive?

  • Can you explain more about the procedures involved in using donor sperm for IUI?

IVF treatment

  • What are my chances of having a baby through IVF?

  • Can you explain more about the relative merits of using ICSI or donor insemination?

  • Can you tell me about the risks of fertility treatment and pregnancy in women aged over 40?

  • How many embryos should I have transferred?

  • Can you explain more about the risks of multiple pregnancy?

  • Can you give me more information about the long‑term risks of IVF?

  • Can you give me some other information (like a leaflet, DVD or a website I can go to) about IVF?

  • If IVF does not work, can we choose to try IVF with ICSI?

  • Are there any long‑term safety risks of using ICSI?

Freezing sperm, eggs and embryos

  • Should I delay my cancer treatment long enough to have my eggs or embryos collected for cryopreservation?

  • If I do not have my eggs or embryos collected what are my likely options in the future for having children?

  • Will having my eggs collected make my illness worse?

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