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What you can expect from your care

What you can expect from your care

During your care and treatment, your healthcare team should give you information (including written information) about fertility problems and treatments to help you make informed decisions. Any investigation of your fertility problems should take place in an environment that enables you to discuss sensitive issues, such as sexual abuse, if you wish.

If you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving, any decisions you make about investigations and treatment will affect both of you. You should therefore be seen together whenever possible.

If you are diagnosed with a fertility problem, you should be treated by a specialist team. You should also be given information about appropriate support groups which you may find it helpful to contact.


You should have the opportunity to see a counsellor before, during and after any tests and treatment you have, regardless of whether the treatment is successful. The counsellor should be someone who is not directly involved in managing your treatment. They should talk over and help you think about what your fertility problems and treatment will mean for you. Fertility problems, investigations and treatment can be stressful, so it can help to discuss with someone your feelings about the future, whether or not your treatment enables you to have a baby.

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