1 Recommendations

1 Recommendations

1.1 There is currently insufficient evidence to recommend the routine adoption of multiplex allergen testing, ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 or Microtest, to help diagnose allergy and predict the risk of an allergic reaction in people with allergy that is difficult to diagnose, when used with standard clinical assessment.

1.2 The ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 shows promise and further research is recommended on the clinical effectiveness of using it in people with allergy that is difficult to diagnose (see section 6.1).

1.3 Microtest is a new technology and further research by the company to show its clinical effectiveness is encouraged.

1.4 An allergy healthcare professional with appropriate expertise is needed to ensure the results of multiplex allergen tests are interpreted correctly.

  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)