We encourage stakeholders to get involved in the development of our guidance at all stages. At NICE, the term 'stakeholder' has an official status. Stakeholders are organisations who are registered with NICE because they have an interest in the topic, or they represent people whose practice or care may be directly affected by the guideline or quality standard.

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In the NICE guideline and quality standards process, we encourage organisations to register with us. How to do this is described below.

In other NICE guidance development processes, such as technology appraisals, stakeholders are selected by NICE. Please see the relevant pages for more information.

We encourage organisations to register their interest early, when we begin guideline or quality standard development. However, we welcome organisations who register throughout the development process, who can contribute from that point onwards.

Stakeholders include:

  • national organisations or groups of and for people who use health and social care services, their families and carers, and the public
  • local Healthwatch organisations
  • national organisations that represent health and social care practitioners and other relevant professionals whose practice may be affected by the guideline, or who can influence uptake of the guideline recommendations
  • public sector providers and commissioners of care or services
  • private, not-for-profit and other independent providers of care or services
  • companies that manufacture drugs, devices, equipment or adaptations, and commercial industries relevant to public health
  • organisations that fund or carry out research
  • Government departments and national statutory agencies

NICE does not have the resources to respond to comments from a large number of individuals or local organisations. Individuals cannot register as stakeholders but NICE encourages anyone with an interest in the topic to express their views to a registered stakeholder listed on the guideline page on the NICE website.

Local or regional professional or practitioner groups, and local or regional groups representing people who use health and social care services cannot register as stakeholders unless there is no national organisation that represents the group's specific interests.

NICE is established as an England-only body, and acknowledges that its guidance is used in other countries in the UK. NICE seeks to make its guidance useful in these countries, and encourages stakeholders from all UK nations to participate in developing guidelines.

Registering as a stakeholder

To register an interest in a particular guideline or quality standard topic, potential stakeholders should use the Find Guidance menu to find topics of interest.  For each topic there is an opportunity to register your interest in becoming a stakeholder. This involves providing information about who your organisation is, who you represent and your contact details.

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