This guidance evaluates new, innovative medical devices and diagnostics. 

It looks at medical technologies that:

  • deliver treatment - like those implanted during surgical procedures
  • give greater independence to patients
  • detect or monitor medical conditions.
We want to boost uptake of devices and technologies in the NHS.

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Tell us about a medical technology and we'll consider it for guidance.

Anyone can notify a technology to us for consideration. 

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Medical technologies guidance  

Our guidance helps people in the NHS make efficient, cost-effective and consistent decisions about adopting new medical technologies.

It supports innovation, transformation and improves healthcare delivery.

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How we develop guidance

  • Process timeline
  • How we select technologies 
  • Who makes decisions
  • Process and methods guides

Get involved

  • Comment on draft recommendations
  • Take part in guidance development as a stakeholder
  • Attend a committee meeting

Medtech innovation briefings

These short briefings examine new, innovative technologies. Each one provides:

  • a description of the new technology
  • examples of use
  • its role in the treatment pathway
  • reviews of published evidence
  • likely costs.

Static list

We regularly review our medical technologies guidance. If there is no new research or evidence available that would have a material effect on a piece of current guidance, it gets moved to the static list.

If new evidence becomes available, the guidance can be transferred back to the active list for further appraisal.

Changes to health technology evaluation

We're reviewing and, where necessary, updating the methods and processes we use to produce guidance around health technologies.

Digital health technologies pilot

We're piloting a process for developing guidance on 4 digital health technologies. After the pilot has finished, we'll review the process to determine how best to develop guidance on the technologies in the future. 

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