This guidance evaluates new, innovative medical devices and diagnostics. This is usually products that:

  • deliver treatment - like those implanted during surgical procedures
  • give greater independence to patients
  • detect or monitor medical conditions.

The guidance helps people in the NHS make efficient, cost-effective and consistent decisions about adopting new products. It supports innovation, transformation and improves healthcare delivery. 

Get your technology appraised

If you manufacture a technology you can ask us to consider it for guidance.

We'll look at how it compares with currently available technologies and if it offers advantages over current practice.

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Find medical technologies guidance  

  • learn more about a technology
  • introduce new technologies at work
  • develop services using technologies
  • discover new treatment options.

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How we select technologies

The Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP) and the medical technologies advisory committee select and evaluate new or innovative medical technologies. 

Find out more about MTEP, the committee and how the process works in the:

 methods guide (PDF)

 process guide (PDF)


A stage-by-stage guide to how we develop medical technologies guidance.


an image of the medical technologies timeline

Get involved

Medtech innovation briefings

We want to boost uptake of devices and technologies in the NHS.

Medtech innovation briefings are designed to be fast, flexible and responsive to the need for information on innovative technologies. Each briefing gives you:

  • a description of the technology
  • examples of how it’s used
  • its potential role in the treatment pathway
  • a review of relevant published evidence
  • likely costs of using the technology.