A stakeholder is an organisation who has registered with NICE because they:

  • have an interest in a topic
  • represent people whose practice or care may be directly affected by a guideline or quality standard.

Can I register?

Organisations can register for NICE guidelines and quality standards. For other guidance development processes - like technology appraisals - stakeholders are selected by NICE. See the programme pages for more information.


  • Make sure you have permission to register - particularly if you are commenting on behalf of a large or complex organisation, who may have special arrangements in place to comment on guidelines.
  • A maximum of 2 people may be listed as contacts for each organisation for each topic.
  • Register your interest as early as possible.

Register as a stakeholder

I'm an individual and want to register. What do I do?

You can't register, but you can express your views to a registered stakeholder. You'll find them listed on the guideline page that you're interested in.

Local and regional groups

Local or regional professional or practitioner groups, and local or regional groups representing people who use health and social care services cannot register as stakeholders unless there is no national organisation that represents the group's specific interests.

Scotland and Northern Ireland

NICE is established as an England-only body. However, we acknowledge that our guidance is used in other countries in the UK. We want to make our guidance useful in these countries and encourage stakeholders from all UK nations to get involved.

Examples of stakeholders

  • national organisations for people who use health and social care services, their families and carers, and the public 
  • local Healthwatch organisations and local organisations that have no national group to participate on their behalf
  • national organisations that represent health and social care practitioners and other relevant professionals whose practice may be affected by the guideline, or who can influence uptake of the guideline recommendations
  • public sector providers and commissioners of care or services 
  • private, voluntary sector and other independent providers of care or services
  • companies that manufacture medicines, devices, equipment or adaptations, and commercial industries relevant to public health
  • organisations that fund or carry out research
  • overseas organisations with a remit covering England 
  • Government departments and national statutory agencies.

Register as a stakeholder

Get involved in the development of guidance and quality standards. It only takes 10 minutes to sign-up.

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