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Your support team

Your support team

Different people who are good at giving different sorts of help and support may be involved in looking after you. These people might be health, education or social care workers or specialists, or teachers.

Working with you

Your support team should talk with you about how you get on with your carer. They should explain any support you're offered so that you can decide together what is best for you.

They will also try and keep where you are living (called your placement, if it's away from your original home) from changing, and other things too like where you go to school.

Your carer might be involved in helping to make decisions too, depending on how old you are. There is also a list of questions you can use to help you talk with your support team.

Some types of help described here may not be right for you. If you think the help that you are offered isn't right for you, or wasn't what you were expecting, you should talk to your support team.

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