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What help can I get?

What help can I get?

If you are having problems, there are things that your carers can be shown to help you. These could be:

  • making sure they know how to care for you properly

  • helping them understand the way you feel, and how that affects what you do

  • teaching them how to help you feel more safe and secure

  • showing them how to help you with schoolwork.

Your health or social worker can also:

  • help you understand how you feel and why

  • help you know how to cope with your feelings better

  • encourage you to get involved with activities, like sports clubs or hobby groups, to help make you feel happier and more settled.

You can get help in different ways, such as on the phone, in groups or with therapists.

The types of help and support you get will depend on how old you are. If you're not sure why you have or haven't been offered a type of support, you should talk about this with your health or social worker.


You shouldn't be given medicine just for attachment problems. If you are offered a medicine, you and your carer should talk to your health or social worker about what it's for.

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