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Patient and public involvement programme


The Patient and Public Involvement Programme (PPIP) provides advice and support to NICE on patient, carer and public involvement. The PPIP currently works with NICE to develop opportunities for involving patients, carers and members of the public across NICE's work programmes. Read more about the PPIP.

Involving patients and the public

The PPIP has produced a leaflet summarising how it involves patients, carers and the public in NICE's work.

Hard copies of this leaflet can also be ordered by contacting David Bevan.

Newsletters and reports

The PPIP publishes an annual newsletter and summer supplement to let patients, carers and members of the public know what work is being done to involve them in NICE's work. If you would like a hard copy of our latest newsletter please contact David Bevan.

The PPIP evaluates what works well, for NICE, its Collaborating Centres, and for the lay people involved in its work programmes. The PPIP's first project to evaluate the experiences of patient and carer members involved in Guideline Development Groups was completed in 2004. Read the evaluation report. The evaluation project was repeated during 2008. Please see the summary of this update. In 2009 we evaluated the experience of community members involved in public health Programme Development Groups. Read the 2010 evaluation report.

Contact us

Contact details for the PPIP team are available. If you have an enquiry about a specific work programme please contact the manager responsible for that work area. If you have a general enquiry please contact our team coordinator.

This page was last updated: 21 July 2010