Embed NICE content in your digital products and services

Our syndication API:

  • enables NICE content to be made accessible to a wider audience through your platforms, systems and services
  • ensures you always have access to the most up-to-date NICE content
  • provides a quality-assured process to supply content in accessible digital formats.

The service is free within the UK. A fee will be charged for the provision of the NICE syndication service outside the UK.

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Available content

All requests to use our content in a UK setting are covered by the NICE UK Open Content Licence.

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How it works

Syndication is provided through an application programming interface (API).

Once your application is accepted, you get a unique API key which provides access to the specific services set out in your licence.

It requires someone with technical knowledge to integrate the API key with your platforms and systems.

Delivery formats

  • Text/html
  • Application/atom+xml
  • Application/vnd.nice.syndication.services+json
  • Application/vnd.nice.syndication.services+xml

Getting started

We've created a brief guide to the syndication service which includes basic technical support.

   NICE syndication API guide   PDF 

NICE syndication partners

If you want to use our content in the UK or internationally but not through our syndication service, please see our reuse of content page.

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Questions/further information, please email syndication@nice.org.uk

BNF content

BNF Publications content is available for syndication, subject to criteria and technical specification, through the BNF API.

Register an interest for the BNF API here