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Pre Registration Pharmacists - Community Investment Project with the Third Sector


Boots pre registration pharmacists across the country investing time to engage with local community organisations to provide a fun, challenging team day that will benefit the overall health of local people in some way.


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PH009 - Community Engagement

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The HLA are working in partnership with Boots to deliver this programme.

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A national community engagement programme designed to give over 700 Boots pre registration pharmacists across the country a practical understanding of local health needs and the barriers to better health in communities. To give opportunities for locally based organisations to benefit from equal corporate and clinical partnership working and to develop longer term relationships so that local and hard to reach communities and individuals can access pharmacy related information in a non- clinical environment


1) The Boots pre registration pharmacists will gain practical understanding and experience of the health needs and the barriers to better health within local communities and implement this understanding post qualification. 2) Local community based organisations will develop longer term relationships and partnerships with their local Boots, for example, joint Health Awareness campaigns such as mental health, smoking and sexual health bringing about a join approach to tackling health inequalities. 3) Local people will benefit from involvement in the events or team challenge as well as increased access to pharmacy related information in a non clinical environment


The recently published Pharmacy in England, a white paper reported that people have long used pharmacies to get immediate advice and treatment for a range of common conditions. Earlier surveys have also reported that many people want a wider range of professionals, such as pharmacists, to provide more support to help them take better care of themselves and their well being. They also want the NHS as a service to focus more on prevention, as well as providing treatment and care when needed. The Community Investment Project encompasses a starting point and learning tool in which pharmacists, local organisations and local people can benefit by this integrated practical approach and contribution to tackling the root causes of health inequalities


This programme is in its infancy, so we do not have end results yet. However, pre reg pharmacy contact has started to be made with community organisations. Early indication highlights positive partnerships are being established.

Results and evaluation

All parties involved are aware that they may be asked for case studies and photos to be used for 'evidence of success' This will include outcomes for pre reg pharmacists, the organisation and individuals that have benefited in some way. A practical guidance document is also available to support the partnerships. The results will be reported back to - Big Lottery Fund, DoH (including Pharmacy), national press and any other interested parties.

Key learning points

1. Take time to get to know and understand one another A flexible practical approach from either side was crucial. By establishing a less formal approach we were able to establish early on what each of us could and would be bringing into the project/programme, and what each of us wanted to get out of it. 2. Respecting each others expertise Boots embraced the 3rd sectors approach to targeting health inequalities and we both fully understood the benefits of combining clinical expertise with preventative health. We both agreed that the commercial approach to marketing that Boots would have usually implemented would not have had the right impact. With the support from Boots, the HLA were able to take the lead in producing and disseminating marketing material to the third sector. 3. The top down approach - Getting the message right At a strategic level working with a corporate pharmaceutical company was far more flexible than expected. It has been crucial that communication between us has been as open and frank as possible to enable an understanding of each others very different environments that we worked in. All the publicity material was disseminated down to the organisations and the pre reg students. However, some students found stepping away from a clinical environment and working towards a different approach to health and health inequalities difficult to understand. We learned that both the HLA and Boots had not fully appreciated that some pre reg pharmacy students may find it more difficult than others to understand this different approach to health.

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Contact Details

Name:Joanna Guest
Job Title:CEO
Organisation:Healthy Living Alliance
Address:PO Box 91,
Postcode:EX17 2WB
Phone:0781 659 5867


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