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NICE, Foresight and the National Support Team- a Winning Combination for Partnership Engagement in Cornwall & Scilly.



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CG43 - Obesity

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The study of Obesity in Cornwall and Devon has until now mainly been focussed on measures to help those who are already obese. Clearly this is necessary, but not sufficient. This, the third in a series of high-profile annual events was specifically designed to illuminate all the factors which are predisposing people living in the peninsula to obesity, and to encourage new links between the different disciplines and interest groups involved. For the first time, we aimed to bring together people working in such diverse fields as local planning, transport, architecture, food production, distribution and sale, medicine, psychology, dietetics, education, leisure, and access. 1. a thorough examination of the factors which are making the peninsula 'obesogenic' for its human population 2. a fuller understanding of the impact of drivers of human obesity in today's society, and the links (positive and negative) between drivers 3. bringing together people from a wide range of different backgrounds in order to identify possible solutions Thus, the aim of the Workshop and Conference was twofold: 1. to hear at first hand from the National Support Team, whose investigation was carried out in the weeks and days leading up to the event. 2. to harness the expertise of people in diverse disciplines in order to inform the development of the public health strategy to prevent obesity and thereby enhance the long term health of the population of the South West. We attracted over 100 participants with expertise across a broad range of key policy areas, including town planning, transport and infrastructure, public health, education, recreation and sport, nutrition and health, food and drink industries. The output of the meeting is intended to inform, integrate and galvanise efforts to combat obesity.


1. Involve a wide range of partner organisations at senior level in order to raise awareness of the causes of obesity, the importance of a co-ordinated response, and win their commitment to tackling the obesogenic environment in Cornwall & Scilly. 2. Deploy the most up to date evidence and guidance, both written, and direct from experts in the field to ensure fullest possible understanding, and to 'hold a mirror' to ourselves. 3. Design the plenary and workshop events so as to maximise understanding of the issues, involvement in, and commitment to emerging strategies.


Although the causes of obesity can be described quite simply in terms of energy imbalance, the reasons why people behave in ways which result in prolonged imbalance are multi-factorial, and inter-related. There is no simple solution, and no single, evidence-based intervention which can be relied upon to address the problem, which affects virtually a large part of the developed and developing world. NICE guidance, the Foresight report, and the National Support Team's expertise presented a unique opportunity to raise awareness and understanding among partners in Cornwall and Scilly to a new level.


The impact of the guidance, evidence, and the NST report was magnified by the size and breadth of the audience. Cornwall-based Real Baby Milk scheme held up as a national example of good practice. The outputs from the Conference and workshops included video of the proceedings, carried out by, and hosted on the Peninsula Medical School CPD website, and DVDs for all speakers and workshop leaders. The obesity strategy is being revised and updated in the light of the NST feedback. A further event is planned for the autumn to check progress and learn from other areas. Deployment of non recurrent funding to employ an associate specialists in public health to lead the NCMP and to work with the Peninsula Medical School on preventing diabetes in women with gestational diabetes. Agreement to develop the obesity strategy, the Beating Diabetes report and the national Healthy Weight strategy into a Healthy Weight Strategy for CIOS with a lead partnership being developed from the four key partnerships already in existence which work on tackling obesity and promoting healthy weights.

Results and evaluation

Delegates rated the event very highly- (between 4.2 and 4.7 on 1-5 scale, where 5=excellent). Sample feedback; "Brilliant - well done, a good full day... Future sessions: same time next year "1 year on - have we achieved anything in obesity" "Coming from {neighbouring PCT], I felt this was an excellent event and something Cornwall should be commended for organising I'm very jealous - well done. I hope I can take back some of your enthusiasm and motivate my colleagues to support additional ideas that will impact on our obesogenic society"

Key learning points

1. Use all possible means to encourage wide participation, and reward attendance with relevant, engaging content 2. Ensure consistent messages map across guidance, evidence, tools and other input. 3. Build on existing frameworks and partnerships, eg Local Area Agreement, Children & Young People's Partnership, Healthy Schools to spread the word and maximise involvement. 4. The World Cafe format provides an excellent balance by providing a structure which allows for choice and creativity, facilitated by table hosts who know the guidance and the evidence in depth. 5. The importance of ensuring that NICE guidance becomes as well-known and influential in partner organisations as it is in the NHS. 6. The importance of the National Support Team in helping a local partnership cohere and raise its game around a shared vision, authoritatively expressed.

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Contact Details

Name:Lindley Owen
Job Title:Consultant in Public Health
Organisation:Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT
Address:rm 422 Sedgemoor Centre
Town:St Austell
Postcode:PL25 5AS
Phone:01726 627979


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