Diagnostics Assessment Programme process timeline

  • wk0

    Stakeholders identified

    Stakeholders include:

    • professional societies and royal colleges
    • national organisations representing patients and carers
    • health professionals
    • statutory organisations.

    Stakeholders are consulted throughout the assessment process.

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  • wk0

    Draft scope prepared

    We produce a scope for each assessment.

    The scope defines the:

    • disease(s)
    • patients and technolog(ies) covered by the assessment
    • questions it aims to answer.
  • wk8

    Specialist Committee members recruited

    The diagnostics advisory committee (DAC) is an independent advisory committee.

    We recruit professional and lay specialist members with expert knowledge of the subject under consideration.

  • wk9

    Scoping workshop

    The workshop aims to:

    • ensure the scope is appropriately defined, including verification or modification of the care pathway
    • identify important evidence and any other issues relevant to the evaluation.

    The scope is revised after the workshop.

  • wk12

    Scope published

  • wk12

    Assessment report prepared

    An independent academic centre reviews the evidence and prepares an assessment report.

  • wk36

    Assessment report received

    Registered stakeholders can comment on the report. They have 10 working days to submit comments.

  • wk42

    Diagnostics advisory committee (DAC) meeting

    The committee considers the assessment report and formulates draft recommendations. The relevant meeting papers are sent to members 1 week prior to the meeting.

    The committee discussions are held in public.

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  • wk46

    Consultation on draft recommendations opens

    DAC makes its provisional recommendations in the consultation document.

    Registered stakeholders have 4 weeks to comment.

    We publish the document on our website. Health professionals and members of the public can also comment.

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  • wk51

    Diagnostics advisory committee

    The committee considers considers comments received on the consultation document and makes its final recommendations.

  • wk56


    Once our Guidance Executive has approved the final guidance, it is open to resolution. This is a final quality assurance step before the guidance is published.

    Anyone who commented on the consultation can request we make corrections if they believe:

    • there has been a breach of process
    • there are factual errors in the guidance

    Stakeholders have 3 weeks to submit comments.

    You can find out more about resolution in chapter 8 of the programme manual.

  • wk63

    Guidance publishes

    If there are no resolution requests, the final guidance is published.

    If we receive resolution requests, we suspend publishing the guidance while we investigate them.