Help develop NICE guidance

There are several different ways you can help NICE develop its guidance. This could be by commenting on drafts of NICE guidance or by joining a committee or working group that is developing the guidance.

If you aren't interested in any of the current topics, please complete our interested individuals form and email it to We'll let you know when there is a vacancy which matches your interests. 

'How to' guides

Handbooks for patients, carers and members of the public wanting to get involved in NICE's work programmes are available. Please use the links below to download a copy.

Contributing to NICE guidelines


This guide explains how individuals and organisations can get involved in developing NICE guidelines.

Contributing to a technology appraisal: help for patients and carers

We have developed the following guides to support national patient and carer organisations and patient experts who are involved in NICE technology appraisals.

Information for national patient and carer organisations
These documents are for patient and carer organisations participating in NICE technology appraisals.

This document is to help your organisation put forward a successful patient expert nomination.

Submitting evidence to a NICE technology appraisal

You can provide evidence on behalf of your organisation using the submission template. In the guide below we have pulled together advice on gathering and presenting the information, as well as what to avoid.

Information for patient experts

This document contains information for patient experts on how to prepare for the meeting and what to expect.

If you are a patient expert at a committee meeting, you have the opportunity to submit a personal statement before the meeting. This is so that you can tell the committee about your experience of the condition and treatments using our template for patient experts.

If you have any questions or would like further information about participating in technology appraisals, please contact the Public Involvement Advisers for technology appraisals, Heidi Livingstone on 0207 045 2183 or Chloe Kastoryano on 0207 045 2188.

  • NICE diagnostics guidance: patient and carer organisations submissions

    We welcome patient and carer organisation submissions to NICE’s diagnostics assessment programme. The following information document, submission guide and submission template were developed by an international working group, which included NICE staff. We have adapted the documents to make them suitable for NICE’s purposes.

    The information for patient and carer organisations document gives an overview of patient and carer organisation submissions for the diagnostics assessment programme.

    Submitting evidence to the NICE diagnostics programme

    Use the template to provide evidence on behalf of your organisation. The guide gives you information about how to complete your submission, including how to gather and present your evidence.

    If you have any questions about participating in diagnostics guidance development, please contact the Public Involvement Adviser for diagnostics, Lydia Shears on 0161 870 3213.

Lay members' perspective

Overall, I'd highly recommend to other patients to get involved with NICE. I think it's absolutely crucial that patients are involved in all pieces of NICE guidance
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Topic selection

Find out how different teams at NICE select their topics for development into information, advice and guidance.