If you represent a VCS organisation, you can help shape our guidance. You can help us identify what's important to people using health and social care services and their carers. 


Putting our guidance into practice

We have a range of resources to help you implement the recommendations we make. These include:

Shared learning case studies

These show how our guidance and standards have been put into practice by a range of organisations.

Every year the best examples are recognised at the Shared Learning Awards. 

Each example:

  • highlights learning that could be useful to others
  • has clear objectives, including an explanation of what was happening before the project, why it was needed and how it was implemented
  • outlines any barriers the organisation faced when implementing the project and the methods used to overcome these
  • outlines the effect the change had on service performance and outcomes through an evaluation process.

Implementation support

Support and resources to maximise uptake and use of evidence and guidance. Includes:

  • resource impact reports and templates
  • audit and service planning tools
  • audit data relating to our recommendations
  • cost-saving guidance
  • resource planner.