Working in close partnership with the adult and children’s care sectors is at the heart of our social care programme.

We develop best-practice recommendations that cover health, public health and social care. This allows a more integrated approach to supporting people and ensures their needs are met.

Social care guidelines

These guidelines make evidence-based recommendations on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of social care interventions and services.

Our clinical and public health topics also contain recommendations relevant to the social care sector.

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Quality standards

Our social care quality standards focus on the services and interventions to support the social care needs of service users.

They help people find information about the quality of services and care they should expect. Social care providers and commissioners also use them to assess performance and make improvements based on evidence.

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Social care external network

This network provides an opportunity for social care organisations to exchange information. It also advises NICE on:

  • the needs and expectations of the social care sector
  • how to effectively present and disseminate guidelines and quality standards so that they are used in practice.
  • integration of social care guidelines and quality standards into sector-led improvement and other quality initiatives.

Working with service users

Service user and guideline developer Thines Ganeshamoorthy talks about his experience of moving to adult services.

Quick guides for social care

We've developed guides to give you key information on social care topics in a simple format.

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Developing social care guidance

The NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care (NCCSC) develops guidance about social care for children and adults on behalf of NICE.