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Title Reference number Published Last updated
Rheumatoid arthritis in adults: management Reference number:NG100 NG00100 Published:11 July 2018 20180711 Last updated:12 October 2020 20201012
Low back pain and sciatica in over 16s: assessment and management Reference number:NG59 NG00059 Published:30 November 2016 20161130 Last updated:22 September 2020 20200922
Neuropathic pain in adults: pharmacological management in non-specialist settings Reference number:CG173 CG00173 Published:20 November 2013 20131120 Last updated:22 September 2020 20200922
Suspected cancer: recognition and referral Reference number:NG12 NG00012 Published:23 June 2015 20150623 Last updated:11 September 2020 20200911
Anaphylaxis: assessment and referral after emergency treatment Reference number:CG134 CG00134 Published:14 December 2011 20111214 Last updated:24 August 2020 20200824
Perioperative care in adults Reference number:NG180 NG00180 Published:19 August 2020 20200819 Last updated:19 August 2020 20200819
Rehabilitation for adults with complex psychosis Reference number:NG181 NG00181 Published:19 August 2020 20200819 Last updated:19 August 2020 20200819
Surgical site infections: prevention and treatment Reference number:NG125 NG00125 Published:11 April 2019 20190411 Last updated:19 August 2020 20200819
Intravenous fluid therapy in children and young people in hospital Reference number:NG29 NG00029 Published:09 December 2015 20151209 Last updated:11 June 2020 20200611
Joint replacement (primary): hip, knee and shoulder Reference number:NG157 NG00157 Published:04 June 2020 20200604 Last updated:04 June 2020 20200604