Our highly regarded Accreditation programme has run since 2009.  It has enabled users to identify the most trusted sources of guidance that have been developed using critically evaluated high quality processes. In the long term it has also led to improvements in the quality of information produced for health and social care decision-makers.  We are delighted that the original intentions of the Accreditation programme have been achieved. The programme has been well received and supported, and the majority of main guidance producers are now accredited. 

As a result, the Accreditation programme stopped accepting new applications from September 2016.  We're keen to uphold an ongoing relationship with accredited guidance producers and will continue to encourage them to maintain and improve their processes via a new renewal process. 

Guidance produced to an accredited process will continue to carry the accreditation mark for its term of accreditation. During this time the opportunity will be given to renew the accreditation decision.

If you have any questions, please contact accreditation@nice.org.uk.