Understanding and engaging with the different paths to NHS access and the wider system can be challenging! We can help you navigate the available routes and consider the implications for your technology.

Whether you are launching a technology in the NHS for the first time, working on a novel technology or in a new and unfamiliar therapeutic area, we can help.

Get in touch to explore your routes to NHS access

How we can help

We work with companies, large and small, across all sectors of the life sciences. 

Our technology plays into a fast developing area of NHS policy. We're really keen to get an insight into the evaluation and implementation routes and subsequent system support, both current and potential. 

We want to understand how we could best work with stakeholders to support technology adoption in this area going forward...
Although our technology is CE marked and available to the NHS to purchase we’re keen to explore other potential routes to increase our market access...
We are not clear which is the most appropriate evaluation route for our technology - is it NICE or is it the AHSNs?

Collaboration with other healthcare system partners

We work in partnership with a range of organisations across the healthcare system. We can help whatever stage of product development you are at.