Get involved with Medical technologies guidance

Become a stakeholder in guidance development 

Organisations with an interest in a guidance topic can play a part in its development.

Make sure your views are taken into account when we develop guidance.

Comment on draft recommendations

When we develop draft recommendations we open them to the public for comment. This is your chance to let us know if:

  • all of the relevant evidence has been taken into account
  • the summaries are reasonable interpretations of the evidence
  • the draft recommendations are sound, and a suitable basis for guidance to the NHS.

Observe a meeting

Medical Technologies Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. You can see how the committee makes its decisions.

  • see upcoming meeting dates
  • register to attend a meeting
  • see details of past meetings.

Suggest a technology

You can suggest a technology for review by the medical technologies programme. 

We'll look at how it compares with currently available technologies and if it offers advantages over current practice.