These are the topics which the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has been invited to evaluate.

For each proposed evaluation, the table gives the suggested remit, the dates of the consultation on that remit, an e-mail address to send any enquiries to regarding the proposed appraisal, and links to any documents being consulted on in addition to the suggested remit.


KRN23 for treatment of X- linked hypophosphataemia

Suggested remit

To evaluate the benefits and costs of KRN23 within its licensed indication for treating hypophosphataemia for national commissioning by NHS England.


Consultation on suggested remit, draft scope and provisional matrix of consultees and commentators

16 May – 14 June 2017





ID number



Scoping workshop

Tuesday 4 July 2017 (morning) in (London)

Please send enquiries to:


Consultation documents


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