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Appointments with your multidisciplinary team

How often will I have an appointment?

You should have an appointment every 2–3 months. The exact timing of the appointments will depend on how things are going and how you are feeling. For example, if you or your family or carers suddenly notice a major change in your symptoms, you should be seen sooner.

You should be offered help if you are having problems with communicating or making decisions.

What will happen during appointments?

During your appointment you will see different members of your multidisciplinary team. The team will ask about you, your symptoms and your needs, and what has changed since your last appointment. They will also ask how MND is affecting you and your family or carers, and how any treatments have been working.

You might also be referred to a specialist palliative care team. Palliative care is specialist care that aims to improve a person's quality of life if they have a life‑limiting illness, by easing their pain and discomfort and providing physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional support.

These are some of the areas that the team should ask about.

What your multidisciplinary team should ask about

  • Your weight, diet and nutrition, and if you have any problems with drinking, eating and swallowing.

  • If you have any muscle problems, for example, weakness, stiffness or cramps.

  • How MND is affecting you physically, for example, how it affects you in terms of moving around (your mobility) or carrying out day‑to‑day activities.

  • If you have any problems with saliva, for example, drooling or thick, sticky saliva.

  • If you have any problems talking or communicating.

  • How well you are able to cough and if you are having any breathing problems.

  • If you have any pain.

  • If you have any other problems, such as constipation.

  • If there have been any changes in how you think or behave.

  • How MND is affecting you emotionally and psychologically.

  • If you need any support from social services.

  • If you and your family need any information or support.

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