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Emotional support

Emotional support

Your multidisciplinary team should talk with you and your family or carers about how MND is affecting you all, and find out if you need any help or support.

You should get information about sources of emotional support, such as support groups, online forums and respite care for yourself and your family or carers. You may be referred to psychology or counselling services if you need more expert help and support.

These are some of the areas that you and your family or carers might want to talk about.

Emotional support

  • Your understanding of MND and how it affects your daily life.

  • How you feel about the diagnosis.

  • Worries and fears about dying.

  • Adjusting to the changes that MND brings.

  • How MND is affecting your ability to continue with your job and other activities.

  • How relationships within the family can change.

  • Sexuality and intimacy.

  • Worries about family members or carers.

  • Making decisions.

  • The care you need on a day-to-day basis.

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