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Social care support

Social care support

You and your family or carers should be asked about your needs and the type of care you want, and get information and support on an ongoing basis. You should be given information about how to get in touch with support services and who to contact if there are problems – for example, what to do if you have a paid carer and they do not come.

These are some of the areas that you and your family or carers might want to talk about.

Social care support

  • Personal care (the carers who come to look after you).

  • Home adaptations and practical support.

  • Financial support and advice, for example, managing your money and help with getting benefits and grants.

  • Support to continue working.

  • Help with getting involved with social activities and hobbies, for example, using the internet, and activities outside your home.

  • Care at home and respite care.

  • Carer's assessments for family and carers.

  • Information Standard