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Speech and communication

Speech and communication

In your multidisciplinary team appointments, the speech and language therapist should talk about speech and communication with you, and talk to you about different ways of communicating, for example, face‑to‑face conversations, talking over the phone, by email or using the internet and social media.

If you're finding it difficult to speak clearly, communication equipment can help. This is called Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). This could be an alphabet, word or picture board and/or speech software on a computer or tablet device. If you need more complex equipment you should be referred to a specialist centre.

As MND progresses, you may need different equipment as your needs change, so this will be reviewed regularly in your team appointments. You should have the equipment you need without any delay. You and your family or carers should get any support and training that is needed in using communication equipment.

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