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Your MND multidisciplinary team

Your MND multidisciplinary team

If you have MND, the healthcare team that will be looking after you is called an MND multidisciplinary team. This is a group of different people who work together. The multidisciplinary team is often based in a clinic at a hospital. The team looks after your care wherever you are – in the hospital, clinic or GP surgery, and also in your own home.

Your MND multidisciplinary team should include the following people:

  • Neurologist, a doctor who specialises in the nervous system.

  • Neurology specialist nurse, a nurse who specialises in caring for people with conditions affecting the nervous system.

  • A healthcare professional with expertise in palliative care. Palliative care aims to improve a person's quality of life throughout the course of their illness if they have a life‑limiting illness.

  • Dietitian, to help with diet and nutrition, and problems with eating.

  • Physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to help with staying active and independent as far as possible.

  • Respiratory physiologist, to help with breathing problems.

  • Speech and language therapist, to help with speech, communication and swallowing problems.

The team should also work with other teams and services, such as:

  • Psychology and counselling services.

  • Social care.

  • Respiratory medicine.

  • Specialist palliative care.

  • Gastroenterology (for conditions affecting the stomach and intestines).

  • Community neurology teams.

  • Services that provide equipment, such as orthotic devices to help your posture, wheelchairs and communication equipment.

Some treatments or care described here may not be suitable for you. If you think that your treatment does not match this advice, talk to your multidisciplinary team.

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