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Problems with muscles and moving around

Problems with muscles and moving around

MND causes problems such as muscle weakness, muscle twitching, stiffness and cramps.


Some medicines can help with stiffness or cramps. A member of your multidisciplinary team will talk about what can help and explain the different medicines you could try. They should ask about your needs and what you prefer, and if you have any problems taking medicines, for example, swallowing tablets.

In your appointments, you should be asked about how muscle problems are affecting you, how any treatments have been working, and if you've had any side effects from the medicines you've been taking.

Exercise programmes

Exercise programmes can help with muscle and joint problems. Although exercises will not strengthen your muscles, they can help to keep you as active as possible and reduce stiffness and discomfort. There are different types of exercise programmes available, depending on your needs and what you prefer.

Your family or carers will be asked about whether they can help with the exercises, and should be given advice about helping you safely without hurting themselves.


Orthoses are devices that are used to support areas of the body – for example, your feet or neck. If you need orthoses to help with muscle problems you should be referred to an orthotics service so that orthoses can be provided quickly.

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