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Adjuvant luteal phase support treatments in IVF:- Further research is needed to assess the efficacy of adjuvant luteal phase support treatments such as low-dose aspirin, heparin, prednisolone, immunoglobulins and/or fat emulsions.
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Why this is important:- These interventions are starting to be used in clinical practice in the absence of any RCT evidence of benefit, and even where there is RCT evidence of no benefit. Their use has potential dangers to the treated women. In cases where women are advised to continue taking the preparations until the end of the first trimester there is the additional potential for teratogenicity. Immunoglobulins are also very expensive. It is important that the clinical efficacy of these agents is formally established so that clear statements about whether they should be recommended or are contraindicated can be made.

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Fertility problems: assessment and treatment
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February 2013

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Last Reviewed 27/02/2013