This guidance evaluates new, innovative diagnostic technologies. It includes all types of measurements and tests that are used to evaluate a patient's condition.

Diagnostic technologies may be used for various purposes including:

  • ruling in or out a specific disease
  • general examination looking for clues to the cause of the symptoms
  • staging, or additional testing to assess how advanced or severe the disease is
  • monitoring a patient over time to determine changes in their condition
  • screening tests to look for conditions in patients without signs or symptoms of the specific condition.

The guidance helps people in the NHS make efficient, cost-effective and consistent decisions about adopting new products. It supports innovation, transformation and improves healthcare delivery.

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If you manufacture a diagnostic technology you can ask us to consider it for guidance.

We look at how it compares with technologies already available and if it offers advantages over current practice.

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  • learn more about a technology
  • introduce new technologies at work
  • develop services using technologies
  • discover new treatment options.

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How we develop guidance

To find out more about how we develop diagnostic technologies guidance, see the:

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Static list

We regularly review our diagnostics guidance. If there is no new research or evidence available that would have a material effect on a piece of current guidance, it gets moved to the static list.

If new evidence becomes available, the guidance can be transferred back to the active list for further appraisal.

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Changes to health technology evaluation

We're reviewing and, where necessary, updating the methods and processes we use to produce guidance around health technologies.

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The consultation on the case for change to the methods is now open until 18 December 2020. Tell us your views.