Subject to agreement with NICE, third parties can use the syndication service to access the following content:

  • NICE Guidance
  • NICE Information for the Public 
  • NICE Pathways*
  • Evidence Search**

*The syndication of NICE Pathways is only for the metadata – there is no specific provision to help a third party render the pathways, although the metadata will allow you to define it yourself.

**Applications will be considered but may be subject to consent being given by content providers.

NICE guidance

We use the best available evidence to develop recommendations that guide decisions in health, public health and social care.

All of our guidance is available for syndication:

  • guidelines
    • clinical guidelines
    • public health
    • medicines practice guidelines
    • social care
    • safe staffing
  • diagnostics guidance
  • highly specialsed technologies guidance
  • interventional procedures guidance
  • medical technologies guidance
  • technology appraisal guidance
  • quality standards.

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Information for the public

These are summaries of NICE guidance written in everyday language for patients, carers and the general public.

They cover:

  • clinical guidelines
  • diagnostics guidance
  • interventional procedures guidance
  • medical technologies guidance
  • safe staffing
  • social care
  • technology appraisals guidance
  • quality standards.

Information for the public content is published alongside the relevant guidance.

NICE Pathways 

NICE Pathways is an online tool that helps to visually map all current NICE guidance.

NICE Pathways are presented as topic-based flow charts and provide quick and easy access to all NICE guidance, quality standards, patient information and implementation tools.

Initially presented with an overview, they then allow the user to explore NICE recommendations in greater detail as well as ensuring access to support materials and the underpinning evidence base.

The presentation of NICE Pathways – the ‘rendering' – is not currently part of the syndication service.

Please note: NICE Pathways are not intended as complete ‘care pathways’ for a particular condition. They represent collections of all current NICE guidance available on a given health topic.

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Evidence Search 

A unique index of authoritative, evidence-based information.

Evidence Search draws on over 1000 trustworthy and accredited sources including:

  • SIGN
  • the Cochrane Library
  • the Royal Colleges
  • Social Care Online
  • GOV.UK

Please apply for syndication and we will contact you directly if your case allows us to syndicate Evidence Search. 

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