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Title Reference number Published Last updated
Antimicrobial prescribing: delafloxacin for community-acquired pneumonia Reference number:ES37 ES00037 Published:10 August 2021 20210810 Last updated:10 August 2021 20210810
Antimicrobial prescribing: nebulised liposomal amikacin Reference number:ES36 ES00036 Published:12 May 2021 20210512 Last updated:12 May 2021 20210512
Antimicrobial prescribing: delafloxacin for acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections Reference number:ES32 ES00032 Published:05 January 2021 20210105 Last updated:05 January 2021 20210105
Antimicrobial prescribing: cefiderocol Reference number:ES31 ES00031 Published:02 December 2020 20201202 Last updated:02 December 2020 20201202
Antimicrobial prescribing: imipenem with cilastatin and relebactam Reference number:ES30 ES00030 Published:28 October 2020 20201028 Last updated:28 October 2020 20201028
Antimicrobial prescribing: ceftolozane with tazobactam for treating hospital-acquired pneumonia, including ventilator-associated pneumonia Reference number:ES22 ES00022 Published:18 December 2019 20191218 Last updated:18 December 2019 20191218
Antimicrobial prescribing: meropenem with vaborbactam Reference number:ES21 ES00021 Published:20 November 2019 20191120 Last updated:20 November 2019 20191120
Antimicrobial prescribing: Ceftazidime/avibactam Reference number:ES16 ES00016 Published:13 November 2017 20171113 Last updated:13 November 2017 20171113
Non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: inhaled tobramycin Reference number:ES12 ES00012 Published:04 April 2017 20170404 Last updated:04 April 2017 20170404
Pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV in adults at high risk: Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir disoproxil) Reference number:ESNM78 ESNM00078 Published:05 October 2016 20161005 Last updated:05 October 2016 20161005