Epoetin alfa, epoetin beta and darbepoetin alfa for cancer treatment-induced anaemia

NICE technology appraisals [TA142] Published date:

Erythropoietin analogues with iron injections are recommended as a possible treatment for anaemia caused by cancer treatment only in:

  • women receiving platinum-based chemotherapy for cancer of the ovaries who have a blood haemoglobin level of 8 g/100 ml or lower
  • people who have very severe anaemia and cannot receive blood transfusions.

Healthcare professionals should not stop prescribing erythropoietin analogues for people who were already taking them when the guidance was issued. These people should be able to carry on taking erythropoietin analogues until they and their healthcare professionals decide that it is the right time to stop treatment.

  • We will consult on our review plans for this guidance in February 2009.

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