Consultation is a key part of NICE’s guidance development. Our consultation processes enable stakeholders and others with an interest in our guidance to comment on guidance development at specific stages and feed back into the decision-making process.

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The consultation process varies slightly between the different types of NICE guidance. Broadly speaking, there are 3 main opportunities for external consultation.

Before guidance development begins

We consult on whether a particular technology should be appraised, or the scope of the guidance (what aspects of the technology, condition, disease or topic the guidance will and will not consider). Depending on the guidance type, this is called either scope consultation or topic engagement.

When guidance and quality standards are in development

There is a draft guidance consultation stage where we invite comments on a draft version of the guidance. Often, questions for stakeholders are posted with the draft guidance.

After publication

When decisions are being made about updating the guidance, we consult on whether, and how, the guidance should be updated in a review consultation.

There are other opportunities for external input – please see the individual guidance ‘about’ pages for more information, and our public involvement section.

Identifying who takes part in a consultation

Stakeholders, consultees and commentators are identified in different ways depending on the type of guidance in development.

For example in our guideline and quality standards work, stakeholders are invited to register for specific topics. In our technology evaluations (technology appraisals, medical technologies guidance, interventional procedures and diagnostics guidance) commentators and consultees are identified by NICE. Read more about the process and methods for each type of guidance in the ‘about’ section.