NICE recommends naftidrofuryl oxalate as a possible treatment for intermittent claudication in people with peripheral arterial disease.

NICE does not recommend cilostazol, pentoxifylline or inositol nicotinate for intermittent claudication in people with peripheral arterial disease.

Who can have naftidrofuryl oxalate?

You should be able to have naftidrofuryl oxalate if you have peripheral arterial disease and intermittent claudication if vasodilators are considered appropriate for you after taking other treatment options into account.

Why has NICE said this?

NICE looks at how well treatments work, and also at how well they work in relation to how much they cost the NHS.

NICE recommended naftidrofuryl oxalate because it works better and costs less than other drug treatments available on the NHS.

Cilostazol, pentoxifylline and inositol nicotinate do not work as well as naftidrofuryl oxalate and cost more, so NICE did not recommend them.

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