How have our recommendations been used in practice?

Impact reports look at how the health and care system uses our recommendations to improve outcomes in priority areas.

The reports are based on data showing the uptake of our guidance and quality statement measures from:

  • national audits
  • reports
  • surveys
  • indicator frameworks.

NICEimpact cardiovascular disease prevention

Front cover of the cardiovascular disease prevention impact report.

Read the latest NICE cardiovascular disease prevention impact report (PDF). 

NICEimpact maternity


Front cover of the maternity impact report.

Read the latest NICE maternity impact report (PDF). 

NICEimpact cancer


Front cover of the cancer impact report.

Read the latest NICE cancer impact report (PDF). 

Find data showing how our guidance and quality standards are used.

This data can be used to:

  • find audits relating to NICE recommendations
  • assess levels of uptake over time
  • compare guidance uptake at a regional and national level.

View uptake data

The information is from national audits and reports, journal papers and local audits.

You can also find uptake information in the 'resources' section of individual guidance

Helping you with audit

Our Impact Audit Publications Planner has details of current and future national audit publications.

  • Where possible, we show the NICE guidance and quality standards that have been measured.
  • For published audits, the uptake data is mapped to recommendations and quality measures (and is available in the uptake database).

Quality standard service improvement template

Helps providers to make an initial assessment of their service compared with a selection of quality statements. It includes:

  • assessing current practice
  • recording an action plan
  • monitoring quality improvement.

Other sources of guidance and quality standards uptake

NHS Digital: innovation scorecard for technology appraisals