The Public Involvement Programme (PIP) is a team at NICE that develops and supports patient, carer and public involvement.

The PIP:

  • develops, implements and reviews methodologies to identify opportunities for lay involvement in NICE's work
  • provides guidance and support on approaches to lay involvement for NICE's Board, its internal teams, and the external groups NICE commissions to develop its guidance
  • works with organisations that represent lay people's interests to support their involvement in developing and implementing specific guidance or quality standard topics
  • provides information, training and support to individual lay people who are interested in or contribute directly to NICE's work
  • contributes to the development of the lay versions of NICE guidance
  • offers advice to guidance developers on patient and public issues relevant to the scoping and development of NICE guidance
  • evaluates patient, carer and public involvement in NICE activities


The PIP evaluates what works well, for NICE, its Collaborating Centres, and for the lay people involved in its work programmes.

Clinical guidelines

The PIP's first project to evaluate the experiences of patient and carer members involved in Guideline Development Groups was completed in 2004.

The evaluation project was repeated during 2008.

Public health

In 2009 we evaluated the experience of community members involved in public health Programme Development Groups.

Technology appraisals

In 2012 we evaluated the experience of patient experts involved in Technology Appraisals.

NICE’s  Market and Audience Intelligence team lead a project to explore the experiences of patients in the Technology Appraisals process following the Health Select Committee Report published in 2013.

Involving patients and the public

The PIP has produced the following guides summarising how it involves patients, service users, carers and the public in NICE's work.

Hard copies of these guides can be ordered by contacting


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