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   Resource planner (Excel doc) 

Published Wednesday 2 June 2021. Next edition will publish on Wednesday 7 July 2021.

How the planner can help you

View upcoming guidance

Planned guidance for current and future financial years

The resource planner lists all guidance that is due to publish over the next 2 financial years. Filter by type, potential resource impact and by providers or commissioners to find guidance relevant to you. 

Guidance development information

The planner links to the latest guidance development documents for detailed information on topics being developed.

Get indicative costs or savings for upcoming guidance

Resource impact estimates

We estimate the potential costs or savings associated with implementing upcoming guidance and highlight any areas of resource impact. 

Technology appraisal funding 

The NHS is legally obliged to fund and resource medicines and treatments recommended by our technology appraisal guidanceStay up to date with potential costs and savings that result from our appraisals. 

An example of the resource impact estimates in the planner

Understand the resource impact of published guidance

5 year cost profiles

Where possible we estimate the potential costs and savings of guidance over five years.

This allows for longer term planning for the impact of guidance.

Tools to help you implement guidance

The planner links to our resource impact reports and templates which allow you to accurately assess the local resource impact of guidance. 

An example of the 5 year cost profiles shown in the planner

Resource impact categories

Colour coded categories show cost saving, cost neutral, low cost, medium cost, and high cost guidance.  

Potential costs and savings are assessed into the following categories based on the best information known at the time:


Cost saving

anticipated net cost is less than £0

Cost neutral

anticipated net cost is less than £1 million

Low cost

anticipated net cost is between £1 million and £15 million

High cost

anticipated net cost is greater than £15 million

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