Appendix A: The Guidance Development Groups

Professor James McEwen (Chair)
Emeritus Professor in Public Health and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

Public health

Mrs Mary Amos (from October 2005)
Health and Social Policy Manager at Eastleigh Borough Council and South West Hampshire Primary Care Trusts Alliance

Miss Elizabeth Biggs
Hertfordshire Healthy Schools Coordinator and East of England Regional Coordinator

Dr Mary Corcoran
Director of Public Health, Gedling Primary Care Trust

Dr Sara Kirk
Principal Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Mrs Esther Kurland
Planning Advisor, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

Dr Louis Levy
Branch Head, Nutrition Policy and Advice, Food Standards Agency

Ms Sue Mabley (to February 2005)
Public Health Specialist, Welsh Local Government Association

Dr Harshad Mistri
Lay representative

Mr Andy Ramwell
Director of the Manchester Institute of Sport and Physical Activity, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mrs Tracy Sortwell
Lay representative

Ms Helen Storer
Dietetic Services Manager, Nottingham City Primary Care Trust

Mr Malcolm Ward
Principal Public Health Practitioner, National Public Health Service for Wales

Clinical management

Mrs Mandakini Amin
Health Visitor, Hinckley and Bosworth Primary Care Trust

Ms Jude Cohen
Lay representative

Ms Helen Croker
Clinical Research Dietitian, University College London

Dr Penelope Gibson
Consultant Community Paediatrician, Blackwater Valley and Hart Primary Care Trust

Professor Paul Little
General Practitioner and Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Southampton

Mrs Suzanne Lucas
Consumer representative

Ms Mary O'Kane
Clinical Specialist Dietitian, The General Infirmary at Leeds

Mrs Sara Richards
Practice Nurse, Slough Primary Care Trust

Dr Ken Snider
Public Health Physician, Director, County Durham and Tees Valley Public Health Network

Professor John Wilding
Professor of Medicine and Honorary Consultant, University Hospital Aintree, University of Liverpool

Guidance Development Group co-optees

Public health

Professor Gerard Hasting
Director, Institute for Social Marketing and Centre for Tobacco Control Research, University of Stirling and the Open University

Dr Gill Hawksworth
Community Pharmacist and Lecturer/Practitioner, University of Bradford

Ms Wendy Hicks
Specialist Nurse, Weight Management Service, Newcastle Primary Care Trust

Mrs Anne Hollis
Clinical Manager for School Nursing, Fareham and Gosport Primary
Care Trust

Dr Ira Madan, nominated by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
Consultant Occupational Physician, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust

Mr Lindley Owen
Manager, Sustrans Cornwall

Dr David Wilson
Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Child Life and Health, University of Edinburgh

Clinical management

Dr John Buckley
Exercise Physiologist, Keele University

Laurel Edmunds
Research Psychologist and Independent Consultant, Bristol Royal Children's Hospital

Dr Nicholas Finer
Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge, and Honorary
Consultant in Obesity Medicine, University of Cambridge Hospitals Trust

Mr Tam Fry
Honorary Chair, Child Growth Foundation

Professor Philip James
Chairman of the International Obesity Taskforce and Senior Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Obesity

Mr David Kerrigan
Consultant Surgeon, University Hospital Aintree

Dr Krystyn Matyka
Senior Lecturer in Paediatrics, University of Warwick

Professor Mary Rudolf
Consultant Paediatrician and Professor of Child Health, Leeds Primary Care Trust and the University of Leeds

Russell Viner
Consultant/ Honorary Senior Lecturer in Adolescent Medicine and Endocrinology, University College London Hospitals and Great Ormond St Hospital

Professor Jane Wardle
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College London

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Project Team, Centre for Public Health Excellence

Dr Hugo Crombie

Dr Adrienne Cullum
Analyst (Technical Lead)

Mr Simon Ellis
Associate Director (Methodology)

Professor Mike Kelly

Dr Caroline Mulvihill

Ms Susan Murray

Dr Bhash Naidoo

Ms Karen Peploe

Dr Nichole Taske

Obesity Collaborating Centre – Cardiff

Ms Sally Fry (from October 2004 to September 2005)
Information Specialist

Ms Hilary Kitcher (from April 2005 to September 2005)
Information Specialist

Dr Helen Morgan (from January 2006)
Information Specialist

Ms Lesley Sander (from April 2005)
Information Specialist

Dr Alison Weightman
Associate Director and Head of Library Service Development; Director, Support Unit for Research Evidence

Obesity Collaborating Centre – University of Teesside

Ms Tamara Brown
Research Fellow

Mr Phil Ray
Research Assistant (from September 2004 to September 2005)

Professor Carolyn Summerbell
Professor of Human Nutrition and Assistant Dean for Research

External Collaborators – University of York

Dr Catriona McDaid, Research Fellow, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Dr Amanda Sowden, Associate Director, Centre for Reviews and Dissemination

Ms Sarah Redmond, Research Fellow, York Health Economics Consortium

Mr Paul Trueman, Director, York Health Economics Consortium

National Collaborating Centre for Primary Care (NCC‑PC)

Ms Janette Camosso-Stefinovic, Information Librarian, NCC-PC, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Ms Charmaine Larment, Project Manager, NCC-PC

Mr Richard Norman, Health Economist, NCC-PC, and Queen Mary College, University of London

Ms Vanessa Nunes, Research Associate (Children's Lead); NCC-PC, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Ms Elizabeth Shaw, Research Fellow (Adult's Lead); NCC-PC, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Dr Tim Stokes, Project Lead; Clinical Director, NCC-PC, Senior Lecturer in General Practice, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Dr Kathy DeMott, Senior Health Research Fellow, NCC-PC

Ms Katie Pike, Statistician, Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester

Mrs Nancy Turnbull, Chief Executive, NCC-PC