Call for evidence

What we need

We would like to know:

Is there any learning from the COVID-19 vaccination program that could be used to increase uptake of routine vaccines?

Routine vaccines of interest are shown on first page of the NHS routine schedule but do not include influenza vaccination because this is covered by another guideline. Vaccination of pregnant women against pertussis is also included, but other vaccinations that are part of the selective immunisation programme are out of scope of this guideline.

We need the following information for the guideline we are developing on vaccine uptake in the general population:

  • Qualitative evidence focusing the barriers and facilitators to COVID- 19 vaccination uptake.
  • Quantitative evidence about the effectiveness of interventions aimed at increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake.

We know there have been inequalities in the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination and are interested in research on why and what can be done about them, and whether that same information is relevant to other vaccines.

We would like:

  • published information
  • unpublished information meeting the above criteria, including any ongoing research.

We cannot accept promotional material, non-evidence-based assertions of effectiveness or opinion pieces.

 Please see the call for evidence summary document for more details of our requirements.

Sending information

You should ensure that any data or publications you wish to submit:

  • Directly address the question
  • Meet the criteria for inclusion

For published information, send only the details (to include author/s, title, date, journal or publication details, including volume and issue number, and page numbers). Do not send a pdf/Word document or paper copy.

For unpublished information, send:

Highlight any confidential sections (unpublished research or commercially sensitive information) in unpublished information. For more details about this, see our guidelines manual.

Complete the Call for evidence response form and the checklist for confidential information form, including the declaration of any links with, or funding from, the tobacco industry. Email these forms with any relevant information by 12pm on 20th April 2021.

 We look forward to receiving information and thank you in advance for your help.



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