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Title Reference number Published Last updated
RenalSense Clarity RMS for acute kidney injury Reference number:MIB256 MIB00256 Published:06 April 2021 20210406 Last updated:06 April 2021 20210406
Electrical stimulation to improve muscle strength in chronic respiratory conditions, chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease Reference number:IPG677 IPG00677 Published:05 August 2020 20200805 Last updated:05 August 2020 20200805
Tests to help assess risk of acute kidney injury for people being considered for critical care admission (ARCHITECT and Alinity i Urine NGAL assays, BioPorto NGAL test and NephroCheck test) Reference number:DG39 DG00039 Published:17 June 2020 20200617 Last updated:17 June 2020 20200617
COVID-19 rapid guideline: chronic kidney disease Reference number:NG176 NG00176 Published:15 May 2020 20200515 Last updated:15 May 2020 20200515
Acute kidney injury: prevention, detection and management Reference number:NG148 NG00148 Published:18 December 2019 20191218 Last updated:18 December 2019 20191218
Point-of-care creatinine devices to assess kidney function before CT imaging with intravenous contrast Reference number:DG37 DG00037 Published:13 November 2019 20191113 Last updated:13 November 2019 20191113
Acute kidney injury (AKI): use of medicines in people with or at increased risk of AKI Reference number:KTT17 KTT00017 Published:26 February 2016 20160226 Last updated:01 September 2019 20190901
StoneChecker for kidney stone evaluation Reference number:MIB171 MIB00171 Published:01 February 2019 20190201 Last updated:01 February 2019 20190201
Robot-assisted kidney transplant Reference number:IPG609 IPG00609 Published:25 April 2018 20180425 Last updated:25 April 2018 20180425
Minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy medium (MIP-M) for removing kidney stones Reference number:MIB138 MIB00138 Published:26 January 2018 20180126 Last updated:26 January 2018 20180126