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Information and support:- What information and support interventions are effective to help women with endometriosis deal with their symptoms and improve their quality of lives?

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Why this is important:- This guideline has identified that women with endometriosis and their partners feel that information and support is not always provided in the way that best meet their needs. However, the direct effectiveness of different types or formats of information and support interventions on measurable outcomes such as health-related quality of life and level of function (for example, activities of daily living) have not been tested. Good practice in this area in non-specialist and
specialist settings can improve satisfaction with the care provided. It may also improve quality of life and positively affect relationships between healthcare professionals and the woman with endometriosis, as well as the woman's personal family relationships.

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Endometriosis: diagnosis and management
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September 2017

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Last Reviewed 30/09/2017